Thursday, May 29, 2008

Goodbye LHS --- Hello BYU

Well it has finally baby is graduating from high school in a few short days. I can hardly believe that 18 years have gone by in a heartbeat.....what an amazing ride. The day after Mitch graduates he heads off for college at BYU.
This summer he will work as a sports camp counselor at BYU ---- his dream summer job and take a class or two. Right now an english class and Book of Mormon class.....let's start out slowly with college life. I suspect his social life will be where he really spends most of his time this summer anyways!
That is a story.....that is quite amazing as well but for now let's just consider it our very own "modern mormon mircale". It is really an amazing story and one miracle we are all happy to be on the receiving end of!
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