Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Well Mom how are you doing?  I can't believe you're all home and it is Memorial day. Some family barbeque time seems amazing right now.  Well everything is just dandy here in Brasil.  So today is P-day because tomorrow we have a meeting. We are pretty excited.  The work is going great.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get the package you sent.  I hope so.  Well in other news we are working really hard.  I'm pretty happy with life. Did you ever get the pictures I sent home?!!? I'm a little worried its been a few weeks.   Well have a great Memorial day say Hi to the family. Have a great week. Love you mom!!

Hello, Hello, Hello - what a beautiful day to baptise!!!

Well... I would like to say we baptised this week but satan seems to be working triple time on our investigators.  We have one woman named Vanalusia who is just a power house.  I swear when she gets baptised she is going to be the next relief society president of the church.  But she always has work getting in her way and when she doesn't have to work, her family isn't there or some problem.  So She decides to wait one more day but I know this week is going to be the week.  We just have to be strong.  

We also have another family that we are teaching that is just amazing the Grandma is Vania.   She is a well known woman here in Salvador and just amazing.  She has two children Eros and Luana.  Eros is married to a member and is probably one of the smartest guys I have ever met.   He can rap freestyle like nothing else but also is book smart as well.  He is really into philosophy so we have been able to talk about that.  When he read the Book of Mormon he felt an answer that it was true. Now the tricky part is helping him realize it.  I love this family so much.  His sister Luana is also another amazing woman she is single with a 7 year old daughter that has a medical condition which has made it so she couldn't walk her whole life. Her name is Samara. She is just a princess, last month she had a surgery which will help her to walk in the future.  I just love this family.  It is interesting how all three of them have said they can see how God has led us (the missionaries) into their lives.  I'm so grateful for the miracles I have seen with this family.  Last Saturday we had the chance to go do a service project and paint two rooms in the house. It was so much fun to be with the family.  Afterwords they made dinner for us.  I'm pretty sure that's like 100 celestial kingsdom points right there! haha it was amazing.  Sunday the whole family showed up at church.  I'm pretty sure I started crying when I saw that.  They looked like they just fit in the church. I love this work.  You know everyday I wake up tired but something just makes me get out of bed excited and happy.  I love teaching this gospel. It's one of the best feelings in the world.  I know that as we just keep working hard we will see more and more miracles happening in our work. I testify that Christ lives.  He is the son of our loving Heavenly Father and He loves us.  The plan of salvation is perfect. We just gotta do our parts and eternal life is promised to everysingle one of us.  Have a great week everyone.  I love you all!
Elder Mender

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not One Card


So here everything is amazing.  We just go out everyday and teach the Gospel. I'm with Elder Ercek.  Its been a blast, its really funny because he thinks he is a profesional comedian.   So every night he does stand up routines for us.   It's pretty wonderful.  We are seeing improvements with the langauge (his).   I feel like this transfer I'm working my hardest.  I definately feel good about life right now.  Like all pistons are running 100%.   Just gotta teach and work with the spirit and all things will work out for my good.   So one bit of sad news.  Last week we had a training with President and I didn't ONE CARD!!!   This is trhe first time on my mission I didn't get ONE CARD.  Do you know what that means? people have forgotten about me.  I thought that would never happen to me, but as it happens to all, it happened to me.  Haha but at least I had an email from you,  dad, and Owen!!!!! Probably the best p-day of my life today.   I dont think its ever happened that I got an email from all three of you on the same day.  I feel good Mom,  I feel like everything is just working out how it should.  I know the Lord has got it all covered.   Can you believe I turn 21 in two weeks?! Man my life has just passed by way too fast. No... its passed by at JUST THE RIGHT speed. I'm happy! No, I'm more than happy with my life! Thanks Mom. have a great week!!!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day Call

Sunday was Mother's Day and that means we were able to talk to Mitch, in Brazil...this was the first time we have been able to use Skype and that was just a technological wonder!  I did a couple of dry runs with some friends since I've only used Skype once or twice before the big day.   We also bought a little connector so that we could view the call on the big screen.   How is that for cool?

The kids all came to the house and we all got the chance to talk to Mitch.  Nothing is as fun as listening to your grown kids talk and laugh together!    The video element of Skype allowed for lots of interaction that just isn't possible on the phone.   Of course Adelynne and her interactions with an Uncle that she only knows (and remembers) from photos was just too cute for words.   I wonder how she will do when she actually gets to meet again in person!

I loved listening to everyone plan what we would do as a family when Mitch comes home.....knowing he will be here for such a short time before heading off to school.   I am so happy that we have a family vacation planned for December and knowing that trip will be at a bit more relaxing pace!


On Easter we had family and friends to dinner at the house, 
before dinner Adelynne came over for a small egg hunt at Grandma's house.   
Grandpa hid eggs all over the house and most of them were hidden in plain sight 
but it was still alot of fun!   
(Adelynne also looked for eggs when she came to visit on Mother's Day)
 Here is one in the bowl!
 And another on the couch!
My full haul of eggs!
 The table set for dinner!
 Dinner with Family and friends!