Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not One Card


So here everything is amazing.  We just go out everyday and teach the Gospel. I'm with Elder Ercek.  Its been a blast, its really funny because he thinks he is a profesional comedian.   So every night he does stand up routines for us.   It's pretty wonderful.  We are seeing improvements with the langauge (his).   I feel like this transfer I'm working my hardest.  I definately feel good about life right now.  Like all pistons are running 100%.   Just gotta teach and work with the spirit and all things will work out for my good.   So one bit of sad news.  Last week we had a training with President and I didn't ONE CARD!!!   This is trhe first time on my mission I didn't get ONE CARD.  Do you know what that means? people have forgotten about me.  I thought that would never happen to me, but as it happens to all, it happened to me.  Haha but at least I had an email from you,  dad, and Owen!!!!! Probably the best p-day of my life today.   I dont think its ever happened that I got an email from all three of you on the same day.  I feel good Mom,  I feel like everything is just working out how it should.  I know the Lord has got it all covered.   Can you believe I turn 21 in two weeks?! Man my life has just passed by way too fast. No... its passed by at JUST THE RIGHT speed. I'm happy! No, I'm more than happy with my life! Thanks Mom. have a great week!!!


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