Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day Call

Sunday was Mother's Day and that means we were able to talk to Mitch, in Brazil...this was the first time we have been able to use Skype and that was just a technological wonder!  I did a couple of dry runs with some friends since I've only used Skype once or twice before the big day.   We also bought a little connector so that we could view the call on the big screen.   How is that for cool?

The kids all came to the house and we all got the chance to talk to Mitch.  Nothing is as fun as listening to your grown kids talk and laugh together!    The video element of Skype allowed for lots of interaction that just isn't possible on the phone.   Of course Adelynne and her interactions with an Uncle that she only knows (and remembers) from photos was just too cute for words.   I wonder how she will do when she actually gets to meet again in person!

I loved listening to everyone plan what we would do as a family when Mitch comes home.....knowing he will be here for such a short time before heading off to school.   I am so happy that we have a family vacation planned for December and knowing that trip will be at a bit more relaxing pace!
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