Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our New Valentine!

Baby Adelynne is now officially crawling! She is fun to watch and enjoyed a weekend of Aunts and Uncles giving her all the attention a little girl could ask for. She is an amazingly wonderfully tempered baby and so much fun to be around now that she has let us see that wonderful little personality.

I've been playing with some digital scrapbooking techniques and had this photo that Sariah took and was able to cut out the background as Adi crawled to Sariah. I'm really enjoying taking digital pictures and manipulating them to get get wonderful layouts. Sometimes they can tell a fun story and other times they are just fun photos! I've been taking some of our old photos of the boys and scanning them so that I can work with them digitally. Of course the results are not quite as fun as when you have a digital camera to start with. It is amazing just how much technology has changed in just the last twenty years!! Of course when you think about it twenty years ago we did not even own a personal computer - let alone a digital camera! Thankfully we did have a microwave and a washer!
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