Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mailing Packages to Brazil

Since it is only a matter of weeks until Mitch is actually in Brazil I thought I would take some time to research what is the best way to send him packages.   I've never had to worry about this before!  I understand the mail service in Brazil can be "challenging" and prone to strikes which cause delays in mail service. 

It looks like the the US Postal Service will allow you to ship using "flat rate" boxes as follows with the prices outlined below.   You can pick these boxes up for free at the post office or order online and pay when you drop off at the post office.

Pricing by Weight and Price Group (Retail Pricing)
Weight not Over (pounds)
Flat Rate Envelope (4lbs)
Small Flat Rate Box (4lbs)
Medium Flat Rate Box (20lbs)
Large Flat Rate Box (20lbs)

There are some folks who have been creative and developed a way to "fold" a flat rate envelope in a manner that will allow you to put alot of stuff in the small package so I thought I would share that here and if you were inclined you would know how to ship a package at a reasonable rate!

You can take a flat rate mailing envelope from the post office and fold it up about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom (press the  fold flat with a bone folder) and fold it backwards and crease it again.
 You fold the sides in an inch to an inch and a quarter and fold them backwards, too.
(Along the slash lines)

Then you pop out the sides and it turns into a box (trangle shaped), there should be two triangles on the bottom (you don't fold these under or tape them down).   You can also see a side view of the triangle shaped box.   I'm told it is surprising how much stuff you can fit into this envelope.

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