Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update from the MTC

Hello Elder Mender fans!

OK, so this week has been crazy! Happy sad... sad and happy!

First off I am no longer zone leader.  Here at the MTC they like to give as many people leadership positions as they can, so they switch it up every four weeks. (Unless a missionary leaves) so I’m not leaving but I am no longer zone leader. That was really sad because I have had so much fun working with the zone and being able to serve everyone. I think I have said this before but I really do love them so much. So yeah I sat on the stand tearing up it was so pathetic but it is really exciting because I have had so much time to study and get caught up!

Which leads to the TRC this week was amazing we taught a wonderful lesson! That proves that miracles happen. It was really funny because the woman we taught brought her baby and set him on a blanket during the lesson. Mid lesson he crawls over to me and rubs his face on my leg and plays with my shoe. I can’t   describe him rubbing his face on my leg! It was crazy!!! hahaha but soooo funny my companion and I had to try so hard not to laugh!

This Sunday the fireside was amazing one of the district presidents and his wife gave it.  They had their family come and sing this song called “my kindness shall not depart from thee”. It was absolutely amazing! I for sure teared up during it and then President Thomas gave a talk about how the cosmos are testifying of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon apparently some of the locations in the Book of Mormon have been found (how could Joseph Smith know about them) and he also talked about how there is a part of our galaxy called the habitable zone and we are in that spot the perfect spot for us to live and he used the scripture "there is room down there where we go and create the earth" or you know what one I mean. It was just so cool to see scientist who are not Mormon show how the Book of Mormon is true! And includes things that Joseph smith could not have known!

Then Tuesday night Elder Perry came that was just amazing as well! He talked about five points for us to teach better and it was just great to be taught by a prophet!  He used one of Elder Holland’s talks to create his talk so it was kind of like getting a two for one!

On Wednesday our teacher told us he had a friend that was coming and we were going to teach her the first discussion he said she wasn’t a member and was doing an exchange program here at BYU. We got really excited and started to prepare as a district. As soon as she walked in I was so mad because I recognized her as my teachers boss (you have to have a temple recommend to work here) but we started to teach her and this was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in. It was amazing to watch these elders in my district who when they first got here could not teach to save their lives give this amazing lesson with probably some of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. So I was so glad it happened and it turned out to be amazing!

OK so a lot of people have been asking about the visa issue. A visa hasn’t been approved in about 6 weeks so I am thinking I will finish up the MTC here and do one transfer in a mission in the states.  It should be really interesting. It will also be interesting because a few of us in my district came late so we don’t know if we will leave with our district or stay another week. Stay tuned!  But yeah I don’t think I’ll be leaving the US for a while. :) It’s what the lord wants though so it’s all good!

OK funny story for the week: I was sitting there waiting for the Sunday fireside to start and this sister going to Argentina sat down. her name was Hermana Mitchell and I said "Hermana Mitchell! What a great name! it’s my first name!" and she goes "your name is hermana?"  Completely serious, I just look at her and cock my head to the side. She thinks for a minute and covers her mouth saying, "OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT!!" it was hilarious...

Oh we got a new sister this week who can rap and all the elders are mesmerized by her. HAHA She just did freestyle on the restoration that was pretty sweet I’m not going to lie.

Oh we also got to host this week which means we get to pick up the new missionaries on the curb and help get them situated it was so fun! I saw Sister Stephenson on her first day that was exciting! BTW it was so much fun to talk with new missionaries, see where they were going, and help them find there way around.

OH in the RC this week I talked to a woman who is having a hard time with her family and she wants the Book of Mormon and the missionaries. She also asked me to call her and give her a lesson! So she is my first investigator! I am so excited. Also I talked to another guy who was excommunicated and then his brother committed suicide and he was saying he didn’t have faith and I talked to him about how his heavenly father loves him and even though he wants us to be happy he cant take away our agency and it was a really neat conversation then he just logged off! I don’t know if I helped at all but I sent him an email and I hope he will respond.

Oh mom it’s getting cold can I please buy sweat pants and sweat shirt?! or can you send me some? We also like mountain dew but we don’t have any... :)  Oh Dear Elders are sent on Saturday so you can send them then too! Well I love you all. Thank you for all your support!


Elder Mender

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