Tuesday, March 16, 2010


What a great week it has been for me here in Salvador Brazil!   To start off with we had our first baptism this week it was really exciting this is a family that we have been teaching this whole transfer!  It was so exciting when the mom and dad said that they wanted to get baptized.   I about started crying right there, I love this family so much they are amazing the whole lesson right before they said "vou" (I will) I was just praying please Heavenly Father help them to feel the Spirit help us to say what is right help everything to be perfect and then bam! They said yes. So I testify that prayers are answered!! Don’t doubt that they aren’t.  It was also really cool because he asked me to baptize him and I did it! I said the words right, his name right, and got him all under in one try! It was amazing and probably a miracle!  But it was an amazing experience and I can see the benefits of my labors and it is amazing!  I just wish everyone would accept it.

As with all good things trials come and this week one of our investigators who KNOWS the church is true told us "I know your church is true but I like sinning too much, I don’t want to go to church anymore."   That is the saddest thing you can ever hear. It amazes me how the mission is an emotional roller coaster you can go from one end of the spectrum to the other.   My district leader and I where talking and I said, "elder i think I'm bipolar!"  And he just laughed and said, "No you’re a missionary."

This week was a lot of fun and a lot of work. I can’t really think about any exciting stories to tell so I apologize for that.  We did do service this week at a members house and I got to make cement in the street that was way cool. Then he asked us to paint his house and having visions of home life when I painted and Mom yelling at me because it looked bad got scared but then as I watched the other elders paint I realized they really didn’t care if it looked good they just want paint covering the wall and so I got into it and it was really quite fun!  I'm pretty much a professional.... not! Speaking of failed projects at home again I was talking with my district leader after the service project about how at home when we were doing projects at home mom always found some flaw in them so we got to wondering what Gods wife said after the creation... and then realized that God is perfect and so are his creations so she was probably perfectly happy!!  Sorry dad you’re not there yet... 

Well I hope all is well at home those seem to be the highlights of my week!  I hope you all know I love you and I pray for you daily. 

Love, Elder Mender
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