Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better than Duct Tape!

Hello everyone!
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Well this week has been another crazy fun week in Brasil! To start off with… we absolutely destroyed (I think this is a good thing?) in lessons and new investigators this week and then no one went to church.  It always seems to work that way, it’s sad because you have to wait a whole week to get them to church but we know that this week will be good and that with time it will all come! So the work is good and we are tired but extremely happy.   We are teaching a family whose son has epilepsy?  I don’t know but it’s close to that in Portuguese.  And it is really hard to get them to church because of that but this family is elect. We have some amazing lessons with them this week. We watched Together Forever (not a good movie for Elders to watch because it has cute young newly married couples that sometimes might make you trunky as your watching it...) but as we watched it and talked about eternal families the spirit was so strong you could see how interested they were in this idea.  I love watching investigators interest grow because you can see the progress and you know that they will really try hard to pray and do the things you ask them and you know in time they will get the answer they are looking for. I think one of the reasons I love teaching this family is the son is always so happy and funny as I look into his eyes I swear I can feel the love of the Savior and our Heavenly Father. I always leave that house happy and ready to teach the world.

This week we had a special training on Joseph Smith by President that was just absolutely amazing.  I have such a testimony of Joseph Smith.  I love him and am so grateful for the sacrifice he made to bring us the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then after the training we found out that next month Elder Oaks will be visiting our mission!  We are so excited it is going to be amazing. Such a special day.  Also it is sweet because the transfer will be extended another week because of it!! So we have a seven-week transfer.  That is amazing!  I have at least another week guaranteed with my companion and here in Senhor do Confirm. 

So as for the interesting Brasil stories it goes like this...  I have been using the same pair of shoes my whole mission (Rockport’s are amazing) but lately the sole of the shoe has been slowly coming off and rather then bringing them to a store to be fixed I went out and bought some crazy Brazilian super glue and fixed those puppies myself.  I’m pretty sure I can get a few more months out of them! And if you think super gluing your shoes is lame I say its better than ductape!  Also the other day Elder Merrill and I were on a division walking through the center of the town and we passed a mom with her daughters talking to another women and she said "yeah I think ill try and marry my girls to the Mormons" I guess she didn’t think we spoke Portuguese because they stated laughing but I thought it was pretty funny because we knew exactly what they said. Jokes on them. Hah

Well my last "fun" story is that me and my companion were talking the other day and he told me how he hated cats and he said "they don’t show love, they don’t listen to you, and they only play with you when they want something but dogs are faithful, show love, listen intently are your best friend and will never leave you” and of course I responded " are we talking about cats and dogs or women and men because it sounded like you just described women and then men...." sorry if that offended anyone but we laughed our heads off. It kind of reminded me of that computer joke where that class described if the computer was feminina or masculino. 

Well I hope all is well I love you all and im so grateful for your support.  Keep the letters coming and know that I love you. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Mender
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