Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have I Told You It's Getting Hot?

8 December 2010

Hello Meus Queridos Amigos,
This week was another great week! Have I told you it’s getting hot here? Yeah it’s a whole different kind of heat I think my body is mad that it has been hot for ten months straight and hasn’t had one cool day but it will survive. I hope...
We are teaching a ton of amazing families! We found a family who some Sisters have taught in the past. We also found a man named Ruam who wanted to get baptized when he was younger but his mom wouldn’t let him and now that he is 20 it’s his own choice. It has been really neat this week as we have been prompted to walk a different direction then are normal pattern and in these moments we find these people that seem elect.
I’m so grateful for this month of December and for the chance to be a missionary we are using the birth of Jesus Christ in our contacts and seeing a lot of Success I love the spirit that this season brings.
I do have one cool story that I want to share. The other night me and my comp were walking in the street and a woman stopped us and was talking to us as she realized what we do she asked, "Are you happy? Because I don’t believe two young men like yourselves could truly be happy doing what you’re doing." As I thought about that question I was hit with huge sense of peace and joy and I was able to testify that I really was the happiest vie been in my life and that I could think of no other place I would rather be. I know that I was called to serve here by a prophet of God and that as I sere with all my heart might mind a strength I will continue to be blessed. I hope that during this month we all can seek to strengthen our testimonies of Jesus Christ and then go and share it with others for this is what really brings us joy. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Thank you so much for all your support!

Elder Mender
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