Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not a Great Week

Mitch did not write a letter to share this week so I'm taking an exerpt from the letter he wrote to us....

So Monday night/Tuesday morning was really, really rough for me. While we were sleeping our house was robbed. The robber came in the house through the bedroom window, just by my head. He took all our companion and I are now without our cell phone, ipods, cameras, and watches....but that is not the bad part. We had borrowed a laptop from a member and were making a program for a church activity and it got stolen too! I feel horrible, I never imagined something like that would happen. But I'm so grateful that we are alive, usually robberies don't go that smoothly here in Brazil. But I need to buy this member a new laptop. He is really poor and has done so much to help us and will be starting school again in February. I know I have a few dollars in the bank so please put it in my account. (We just told him to replace the computer)

Sorry I didn't send an e-mail yesterday but we spent the whole day trying to find a phone that worked (to call President Toledo) and looking for a new house...I'm really stressing out right now. I just want to get back to work. We had so many good people lined up to teach and ths is totally screwing up my life. But it is OK, I know it will all work out.
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