Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Really Happy Week


How is everyone doing today?  I'm doing great this last week was a really long week and a really happy week. This Sunday was the baptism of a young man named Crislam.  He plays soccer semi-professional.  He is such an amazing guy. I was so happy he decided to be baptized. He will be an amazing missionary.   We are preparing a man named William and his girlfriend Sandra to be baptized this Saturday. They are so special. I love teaching them they just soak up everything. William told us the other day how Sandra would have to wait for him because he wants to serve a mission. It was such a powerful lesson.  Im pretty sure we all cried.   I love this area when i got here we had a bad rap because the missionaries before us did some pretty bad things but i can tell the mood of the ward is changing and people are starting to trust us more.  I love this work and i can’t imagine a better thing to do with my time. 
   The past few weeks we have been working a ton with the members.  And man has it been helping.  Everyday we do a division with a young man or we do splits with the quorum of elders. And they bear powerful testimony.  They don’t always know how to teach perfectly but you can tell when they bear testimony that the investigator feels the spirit. I love this work. I love that we have to work closely with the spirit or nothing happens. We have to teach people how to gain a testimony of Christ.  I have to run but just to wrap up i want to say read the Book of Mormon. It should be an IMPORTANT part of our lives. Family and personal. We need to read it love it and use it.   I can’t stress it enough and we can’t stress it enough for our investigators.   I hope everyone is getting ready for general conference it will be a great few days when we can refill our spiritual batteries.  I sure love you guys. Have a great week.

Elder Mender
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