Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Letter from Elder Mender


well let me tell you about MY week! it was wonderful! i got to the mtc and they decided that since i was a week behind i should just jump right into classes! so i skipped orientation and went right to gym with my district they are way fun. my companion is elder bigelow we get along great and we also have a third comp elder johnson he is pretty sweet. as you can imagine my first day was a little confusing but i got through it just fine. i have been at the MTC for three days and portuguese and i are great friends im pretty much fluent i have surpassed my whole district and they want to move me to a district that has been here longer.... no im just kidding it is the most frustrating thing ever to learn portuguese!!!! because im not trying to learn it for me im trying to learn it for my investigators in Brazil. that is a lot of responisbilty! but one thing they really stress is to let the spirit help you to learn. so im keeping the faith and trying to have a good attitude about it. i think i just about have praying down which is pretty exciting! life is crazy here but i love it. we wake up at 6:30 (mom im the first one up every day!) then get ready for the day, go to breakfast, and everyday it is a different variation of class, missionary directed time, language study, gym, personal study, and companion study. we also get to eat sometimes if we are good. it is so much fun i cant imagine a better place for me right now. one funny thing thing that happened this week, our district was talking about typhoid and elder bigelow said he took his pills wrong and he hoped it wasnt too bad if he got it. then another elder informed him that people died from it and Joseph Smith had it! then elder bigelow responded with, "Joseph Smith died of typhoid?!" it was pretty funny! also the food here is great! i dotn know what people complained about! so my Pday is friday as you can tell and we got to go to the temple today as a zone it was so amazing. it truly is the house of the Lord.
i would love some emails.... they print it and bring it to my room. so do that please!! i hate lookng like a loser... and i need questions to answer in this letter! oh we elders waiting to go to brazil are known here as VW's (vedubs) its a term of endearment. i hope all is well i love you all! oh my address is:

elder mender
MTC mailbox #340
2005 N. 900 E.
provo ut 84604-1793

so send packages letters... you know whatever you want!

oh since my district is a week ahead of me i had the chance to go the trc and i had to teach in portuguese my second day here! it was crazy! well we just did 5 min approaches then we got to do the first lesson in english it was soooooo much fun. ok im running out of time.... WRITE ME!!!!

elder mender
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