Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mitch is a Missionary!

It has been a long time since we had all the kids together for a photo in their church clothes! The day that Mitch was set apart as a missionary was occasion enough for everyone to gather at church and to allow us to get a family photo of everyone together. I especially liked this one of the kids. It was a great shot! Everyone happy and smiling, including Adi. 

President Cook set Mitch apart as a missionary and here are a few of the the things that he counseled Mitch to remember as he prepares to serve as a missionary in Brazil.

  • The Lord has blessed you with goodly parents, they have taught you good from evil.
  • You have been able to make good choices in your life, including recognizing when you have made mistakes.
  • You have been foreordained to be a disciple in this life and have a testimony Jesus Christ.
  • Be valiant and fearless, you will have energy, desire, and be a hard worker
  • You will love your companions, befriend them and you will be lifelong friends
  • You are blessed with gifts of tongues to both speak and understand the language.
  • You will be able to relate to and love the people and will bring many to the covenant of baptism.
  • Jesus said that he who believes and is obedient will have eternal life, which is the greatest gift.
  • You are commissioned to teach, preach, baptize those that are prepared.
  • You will be protected from harm, danger, and disease
  • Write to your parents weekly
  • Share your testimony with your siblings and your parents.
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