Sunday, September 27, 2009


Joe traveled with Mitch to Utah to drop off our missionary at the MTC - literally. There no longer is a tearfest for parents and missionaries alike. There is no program at the MTC to evoke emotions better kept in check by all family members. Due to concerns about the Swine flu missionaries are dropped at the curb and can only engage in a quick hug for the family who are in the car (no non relatives allowed in the drop off area)!

Knowing that I could not go through this experience without shedding far too many tears I choose to stay home and since I had already planned a trip to Maine with friends it was an easy decision to make!

Mitch left home at 3:30 am and traveled to Manchester for his flight to Utah which left at 6 am. Once he got to Utah he visited with friends, including the Gwilliams. He made a late night of it probably getting in close to 24 hours without sleep before entering the MTC on Wednesday at 1pm.

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