Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Last Walk....

With fall coming and Mitch leaving for the Mission Training Center (MTC) we took the dogs for one last walk down the rail trail. It is always nice to be able to go for a walk with the boys and enjoy a little quiet time to talk and enjoy nature. The fall colors were definately not at the their peak yet but the trees gave a hint of what is to come. By this next weekend the leaves will be in their full glory! We took the puppies out with us and Mitch gave them a little of what they were hoping for....a run on the rail trail. I think they ran Mitch into the ground. We'll see how he does in two years!

The photo at the left shows just a little bit of the Mascoma River and the trees starting to turn color. This walking path is my favorite since it is right by our house and it is parallel to the river and is just breathtaking at nearly every point along the way!
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