Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Forgotten Elder....

Hello everyone!!

What a great week it has been. Warm, beautiful, and full of learning!

to start things off our district has been here way too long! saturday night as we walked home to our room we ran up the stars in slow motion. fighting, talking, everything in slow motion it was crazy when we got to the top i realized oh my goodness im turning into the crazy missionary i saw when i first arrived! sad but fway funny day.

then sunday night during the fireside my pen stopped working!!! sooo frustrating. it would work and then not work for a letter or a word and then work and then not work! i finally threw it down and stopped taking notes. it was a really good frieside though!

so this week i had a chance to talk to Josephine Ward and she agreed to go to church and i am just so excited for her!! how great it has been to be able to work with her!

during class this week i volunteered my comp and i to teach a lesson and he hates when i do that but we prepeared it and we were so excited and then our teacher had us start from the door (which he usually doesnt do) then when we came in we asked him how his life was and he just started talking!!!! and he wouldnt stop to breath at all oh he told us we only had ten minutes to teach him. come to find out the whole point of this lesson was for him to show us that brazilian people wont shut up so you have to learn how to tactfully interupt them. so frustrating. but really funny. he talked about cow tipping and other crazy stuff. oh all in portuguese which just adds to the humor.

ok joke time!! why do all the pictures of the book of mormon characters have really buff arms?! because of all the brass plate scripture searches!!! i laughed so hard for about an hour when i heard that.

this week our branch president taught us about a thing called, "jeito" which is basicly brazilian bribary. he told us how he smuggled his kid into the U.S. after living there. it was jsut a really funny story but morl of the jeito is you can get around any red tape with enough money! woot woot. it made me think of the lytles...

so this tuesday we had a fireside on temples!!!! so good. i LOVE the temple! if any of you do not go to the temple as often as you should do it!! if you arent worthy get worthy! im just so excited about temples. today we did an endowment session. how amazing the house of the Lord truly is. so yeah he showed pictures of most of the temples it was great. They are such pretty buildings! if you didnt know....

oh so i accomplished my life long goal! aka my mtc goal. to eat a plate from everyline!! i felt so pround of myself. unfortunately i forgto that we had gym right after lunch so about died from my poor choice. but it was so fun it reminded me of the time owen and i drove down the miracle mile stopping at every fast food joint! thanks mom!

oh tell the carpet guys "tudo bem?" when you see them its like "is everything good?"

oh this missionary in my zone is soooo funny. i asked him if he had a belt on because he looked like he didnt and he comes over with this sad face and says "no i have dunlap disease..." i was like what is that? he got a huge smile and said my belly dunlap over my belt!" so freaking funny i just about died.

so visa information:
my whole district has been assigned a temporary mission to georgia and tennessee!!! (sister hobbs spelled that) our district leaves monday morning. except me. they forgot about me!!! haha our district got called down to the travel office and she was handing out assignments and she got to me and she was like oh... we forgot you. so i have to wait at least another week. i dont know what ill be doing since ill be all alone so dont ask but mom! the lady felt so bad she forgot me that she gave me a phone pass so im going to call tonight at 8 your time. please you and dad be by a phone!!! so yeah it is going to be interesting next week when im the oldest missionary and im all alone. i think ill just get a lot of study time. who knows!

well life is good im hoping eventually ill get out of here but if not all is well. it truly is a great place i learn so much every day it is crazy!! portuguese is so fun. i love that i can pretty much read whatever i want its just the speaking part that is really hard. but im hanging in there and practicing a lot!

what else? thank you everyone who sends me mail! it is so fun to hear what is going on in the "real world" . soooo... im gonna go now. Love you! you are amazing! all of you every single one of you. i love you and miss you. well not really miss... i dont know its hard to explain im just so happy to be here i cant imagine being anywhere else! so i miss you all but i dont. you know what i mean? (that was for you owen!)

elder mender
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