Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's not Salvador Brazil

HELLO friends, family, and anyone else who feels they dont fit into those categories but are still reading my emails!

como vai?!

well to start things off this week i was looking at a memory card that had pictures of Katies efy and my comp was sitting next to me and a picture of strawberry shortcake ice cream popped up and at the same time my companion screamed, "ahhh i want one!!" so we went and got one that night it was pretty funny because it had been years since we had had one.

ok so this one elder in my district is a miracle worker and he adjusted my back one night and it was most wonderful!

ok so i have a joke that i think i have heard but i heard it this week and it made me laugh and its about brazil so ill tell you.

this girl goes to the fair and she comes back and her roomate asked how it was and she said, "it was great i made out with a brazilian!"  her roomate then responded, "you slut!!! ... how many is a brazilian?"  yeah i laughed pretty hard sorry if i offended any one.... remember a man is a fool who takes an insult that wastn intended. :)

so we are sitting in my room and talking about the wii fit and elder way get all mad and he says, "i hate wii fit!!" (he is a tall athletic kid) and we were like what? why?!  and he tells that the wii fit game made his avatar, with his actual BMI, have a pot belly and he was legit mad about it. i laughed so hard and he just got angrier and he was like you dont know what its like to have a fat avatar!  yeah way funny. maybe you had to be there....

ok before you all think i havent done anything spiritual or related to my mission this week i have probably the most exciting news of my life!!! Josephine Ward, the woman i have been giving the lessons to over the phone,  We asked her to prepare for baptism and she said yes!!!  and it has just been amazing to see the change in her from the first time we talked to where she wants to be baptized and asks heartfelt questions about the gospel.  Even if she doesnt get baptized to me it is a miracle and i am so glad i was the one that was able to talk to her!  one of the tender mercies of the Lord.

so i had a dream the other night that my district put fake travel plans in my mailbox and i started crying.... like i started crying in my dream.  hahaha sad night.

i went to the travel office and they said that elder Perry does not want to give out any more temp assignments so i just missed a temp mission and will be here, for now, until i get my visa.  so who knows when i will leave.

i have a challenge for those of you who are bold: pray tonight about someone in your life who is ready to hear the Gospel and then give them a book of mormon and then write me a letter telling me how it went! i would love to hear your missionary experiences. :)

also i would love for people this week in there letters to tell me things that they are grateful for. just to get other peoples opinions on what the Lord has given them!  thanks so much if you do i know ill love reading your letters.

so i hope you all know how much i love you! i know every one of you has touched my life in a unique way and i am glad to know  you all.

oh exciting news about staying here for thanksgiving we have no classes and we get to do a huge service project that is going to be amazing and rumor has it that elder Holland is coming!! woot woot.

ok te amo, ate logo.

elder mender

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