Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving at the MTC


well to start off the week elder oaks came with his wife for the tuesday devotional and it was just amazing! he and his wife are so fun together he gave a great talk about how to be a better missionary and being an active missionary.  it was just delightful!

then wednesday night elder holmes got sick and he wanted to tough it out because we knew holland was coming thanksgiving morning but thursday morning he wasnt looking too hot and he went to the front desk and they put him into quarintine minutes before elder holland showed up!! so sad and because he went into isolation our whole district had to take tamiflu pills so we didnt spread whatever he had.

so elder holland came thanksgiving morning and that was a life changing experience. i was second row right in front of the pulpit it was amazing!! we as missionaries get into debates about "deep" doctrine and he answered all of the questions it was just amazing how on fire that man is when he speaks.

So friday night our district is brushing our teeth and our Zone leader says "friday nights suck" i asked "why" and he says "you know all those girls waiting for us are on dates right now"  and then elder elmer the quietest kid ever who when he speaks you listen because it is either deep or hilarious says, "my wife is on a date right now.." we all busted up laughing soo funny. maybe you had to be there but i think you get the idea.

so sunday night we have the chance to watch movies but elder deffense wasnt feeling too good so we decided to go  back and study (so he could take a nap ) but on the way some elders were caroling and i made him stop and we joined them. it was a lot of fun it is so pretty around here at night because they have put up a lot of christmas lights (kind of like the jsm) and it is most joyous at night. i am so excited for this christmas!   This is such a great time of the year! where we can focus on the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and give thanks for all he has done for us.

after singing we decided to go vist elder holmes in isolation because you can go up to the door that leads to their hallway. so we ran up there and it was really funny because they (they just stick all the sick kids in one place) have stacked up boxes in an archway and wrote "koritane population 19" then the scrathed out the 19 and put 20.  it is pretty funny. so we shouted to elder holmes through the door it was pretty fun. i felt so bad for him because they cant really do anything but sleep and skype into a class when class is going on.

so elder deffense has warts on his feet and we had to go out of the mtc to get them cut off and he is allergic to pain killers so they couldnt numb it and i got to watch him as they cut all 20 of his warts off and it was so funny but kinda sad to watch him tear up.  dont worry i did get a lot of really good pictures!!!  hahaha

oh they are starting up this new program since there are not a lot of missionaries in brazil (they are all stuck here) where brazilian teachers will shype with us during the week from the sao paulo mtc i am so excited for that it is going to be sucha  great experience!!

well i love you all so much have a great day and thanks so much for all your letters and support.

love elder mender.

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