Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The New District

Hello all!!

well life is great at the MTC. we found out yesterday that starting tomorrow we will be in one big district with all the groups that have been here 9 weeks and we get to plan our own time. so it will be more like the field in that we dont have official class. it will be really nice because we have a lot of options for us. they have pretty much opened the MTC for us. we can volunteer as investigators in the TRC, we can spend as much time in the RC as we want.  we can go to any tutor whenever we want, and the coolest part we become mentors for the districts that are new. as a companionship we get 2 or 3 new companionships that we help with portuguese and learnign how to be a missionary. it is going to be a really unique experience.

so they told us that at the most we will only be here two weeks after our 9 week mark (im the only misisonary that has been here longer) so im not sure what they are going to do with me butim  hopeful that in two weeks ill either be in Brazil or some other mission til my visa comes.

funny story of the week:  i got a letter from my mom and i was reading it while following my comp and i was really focusing and out of my eye i see him turn the corner into the bathroom so i follow and i read a really funny part of the letter and i stop and start telling my comp (who is in the stall) about the story.  he says "ya....ok"  and half way through my comp comes walks in the door and says, "mender, what the heck are you doing?!"  im like what the freak!!! moral of the story i was telling some random elder about my moms letter why he was going to the bathroom. i busted up laughing so hard i couldnts stop laughing for about thirty minutes.  tears for sure came. i havent laughed that hard in a long time.

um... what else to tell you not a whole lot. i find i do the same thing every day... class, study, eat, sleep... i am very excited to get in the field and work with real people and bring them the Gospel of Christ.

oh on that note! josephine ward has gone to church, gone to her wednesday night book of mormon class that the missionaries hold and meets with the missionaries twice a week. she is keeping her commitments and very excited about baptism.  i cannot wait for that day!  just to see the change in her life how happy she is now and how her relationship with Christ is truly amazing. every time i talk to her i get that much more excited for the work. truly this work is amazing and the Lord is the master of it.  my wish is that all could have it in their lives so that they could recieve the millions of blessings that come from Gods true church.

well i love you all and i wish the best for you.  time is flying by!! i cant believe christmas is just a feww weeks away! i am so excited for this season i have heard that it will be one of my happiness memories in life and i can already see why.  what a great chance this is for us to remember our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ!  I wish you all the best.

Love elder mender

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