Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

hey hey hey!

well as im sure most of you have figured out i am still at the mtc and unless my visa comes today i will probably be here until next year! crazy to think about... on thursday my whole district got their visas so yesterday i said goodbye to my second district.  That was really a sad day.

not a whole lot has happened that is exciting. i have learned a lot this past week about patiance and other things.   yesterday during my personal study i had an idea to have an fhe with all the missionaries that have been here 9 weeks or more. so i got a lesson together and told as many missionaries as i could about it.  it sounded like not a lot would be a ble to come so i was a little worried but about 30 missionaries came and we talked about what we can do to make these next few weeks some of the best rather than some of the saddest.  a lot of us have been really annoyed that we arent in Brazil  but i am hoping last night helped some of them. i know it helped me a lot to realize what an amazing chance the Lord has given me to study!

well not a lot else exciting... my new companion is elder perry and we do a lot of things with the new missionaries, that is really fun.  yesterday we spent about five hours listening to lessons in portuguese or working on door contacts with first week missionaries. it is really a fun experience.

i hope you all have a merry christmas! what an amazing time of the year this is! truly the lord has given us so much.  i am so grateful for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  i know that he gives meaning to my life. i love you all so much.

love, elder mender

PS what else?  oh in a few weeks ill have the record for the mtc!
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