Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1st Day Salt Lake City South Mission

Hi all

sorry i dont have alot of time because today has been crazy.

things i want to say... thank you so much for all your support in the MTC. it was great! i had so much fun this christmas we got to hear from elder anderson and elder perry.

christmas day we had a talent show and an elder sang a song about visa waiters and had a line "but have faith we wont be here as long as elder mender! 14 weeks i would die."  after that missionaries kept coming up to me and asking me if i was THE elder mender. haha im pretty much famous now!

but the good news i am out of the MTC and in the field!  i am in the salt lake city south mission in park city and i am... SPANISH SPEAKING!!! yeah its going to be an adventure. one of the missionaries i came up here with just today got his visa today so he leaves tomorrow.   things are crazy i am threesome with elder lopez and elder mierzejewski. (the latter is my trainer) they seem like great elders and i am excited to get to work. we have three lessons tonight and a wedding and a baptism tomorrow!! they say we dont find out here we just teach and baptize i am so excited to get to learn spanish and to get to work!!

i love you all. have  a great week hopefully a longer one next week!

love elder mender.
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