Monday, January 4, 2010

Missionary Rock Star



what a crazy week it has been. i pretty much love it here.  it is freezing cold but the work is good!!  ok so tuesday night we had a wedding and a baptism which was really cool! it was a young mexican couple and it was so good!  i couldnt understand a whole lot of what happened BUT they got married and baptised and then the food was AMAZING.  you dont even know! real authentic wonderfulness!

wednesday we went around doing missionary stuff. it is so interesting how missionary work is in park city you dont track you just go from lesson to lesson and members give you referrals!!  its like.... a gold mine!!  we had some lessons in spanish and i would testify in portueguese and it was awkward but it works out.  the spirit can appearently translate poor portuguese into spanish. 

thursday was new years and we had new missionary training down in the valley so we went down in the morning for that then after rather than drive all the way up to park city just to turn around and come back down for lockdown we stayed in the valley and double worked draper.  we went to in and out for lunch... seven of us and this woman just comes up and pays!!! it is crazy out here!  missionaries are like, i dont even know what we are like! but i havent come home one night without at least a bag full of food!  they just feed you here and buy you things and its crazy you dont even know! haha and in park city missionaries get all sorts of "hook ups"  or places we eat free, get free services, or huge discounts!  oh yeah so any way  we were in draper double working the area and we went on splits and went to a lesson at this members house AND after the lesson they fed us of course but they had this huge basement with a basketball game, ping pong table, fuseball table, pool table,  mini kitchen with popcorn maker, and living room with every game system imaginable it was crazy... unlike anything my young eyes have ever beheld. then we had lockdown where the president makes zones stay at a church so they dont get hurt by drunk people. and we got to watch night at the museam 2  and play basketball and of course eat tons of food. this mission is definately not a mission where elders lose weight! then that night we had to stay in the valley so we spent the nights at our zone leaders house and missionary couches just arent that comfortable...

friday  elder lopez got a new visa waiter as a companion and elder m and i moved back out to kamas whihc is about 28 minutes from park city so we have to drive that every morning and night.   it is pretty crazy.    but we have divided park city so elder lopez gets the spanish branch and we get the english wards so this week is a trial run it will be interesting to see hwo that works.

but i am having so much fun!   the members here just help like crazy with everything and ward mission leaders, bishops, and the stake president are so involved.  which is really nice because most of park cities work was spanish so now that we split it we have to build up the english pool.  i am just so excited to be out here.  we have the feeling that i might be here for a bit which is ok with me because i feel like i have some things i need to do before i leave.

one really interesting story that isnt done yet.  in one of the wards here a missionary went to salvador brasil on his mission and died  in an accident down there it was really hard on his family because his dad isnt a member and it kind of tore his family apart but they say that my companion is exactly like elder Knoop, that they could have been twins.  and we have just been feeling promptings that we need to go talk to the dad and the bishop also felt that we should go so we are trying to track down where he lives but it has just been really weird how we are all connected and both me and my companion feel like we need to go talk to this man.  who knows how it will end!

well not a lot else...  time just flies here i cant believe it has been one week.  it needs to slow down but they tell me it just speeds up!  i hope you all had a great new years.  i love you all and am so grateful for your support in all its various forms.  have a great grand and wonderful year! i know i will!  (this year is my full year in the mission that is crazy!!!)

love elder mender
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