Monday, January 11, 2010

Park City Madness!

Boom dia!

Well what another great week it has been here in park city!  Some fun things that have happened...  I had a woman slam a door in my face before I had a chance to open my mouth!  It was amazing kind of how I have always pictured this great work!  Ha-ha I really did love it.  Then another day we had a dinner appt. and then a lesson planned with another family and at the lesson they decided to feed us again!  AND send us home with more food.  It is just crazy how much they feed us here.   Well I shoveled my first driveway on my mission. Something I never thought I would do when I opened my call to BRAZIL!    We had zone conference this week it was one Joseph Smith and it was just a wonderful chance to teach more about the prophet and what an amazing man he was.  I think back and I realize how lucky I was to grow up only 20 minutes from his birthplace and to often have the chance to go and feel the spirit that is there at that sacred site.  

We spent a lot of time down in the valley this week because of district meeting, zone meeting, and other things and I really see how blessed I am to be in Park City.  This area is the area that every missionary wants because it is big and free.  You don’t feel like you are squashed in one small area. 

This week we went on splits with the Zone Leaders that was a really fun experience.  We got to teach a few lessons and one lesson was to 5 children and it was a lot of fun to try and teach a lesson with all their craziness I really do miss kids so if anyone wants a babysitter in two years I am your man!  Well anyway then next day they had baptism and being the missionaries they are they forgot to get someone to fill the font! And at the last minute he was freaking out because they got locked out of the control room to fill the font and they had about two hours before the baptism... so one elder was calling everyone he could to see if they could find a key and the rest of us were running buckets from the kitchen to the font!  It was quite an adventure finally they got a hold of a locksmith in one of the wards and he came and broke in for us.   What else....

One of the Bishops here is amazing! He does this thing ever Sunday were he invites a few selected families (different each week) to a meeting and we pray and think of houses! Not even names of families who are ready to hear about the gospel.  It is really cool because the mission average is 10% of referrals will get a return appt but these are 33% so we are seeing a huge jump in our numbers this week! It is great we are so busy.  We find that we come home at night so tired and wake up even more tired but as we get up and get to work the Lord makes up where we lack.   I look back on how much sleep I used to need and think I could never have done this but now as we strive to be 100% we have blessings that are just remarkable!

I know this church is true! I cannot question it. So many things have happened to me this week and I can tell you without a doubt that God knows each and every one of us.  He knows our needs and wants to help all we need to do is turn to him.  I pray that we will all do everything we can to spread the gospel.  I hope that we are not ashamed of what we have or that we think some person might not accept it.  Who are we to decide who can hear the gospel and who cant?  I know that this work is real and that we have a sacred responsibility to invite all to come and hear it.   This week I have seen the light in people’s eyes as they hear the Gospel and remember that it is true and decided to act on it.  It is such a blessing in my life to be out here on a mission.  I know that as members of this church we have the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a blessing that is! I am trying so hard to be able to listen to the promptings with exactness.  I know that as we do that we are blessed.

One really cool thing that happened this week: we have this object lesson when we are teaching about faith and we put a book on the table and we say with your faith pick it up and usually they will look at us weird and say I cant. But this week when we taught a 10 year old as soon as we said it he just picked it up.  And it hit me right there that is why the Lord tells us we need to become as little children. They are so pure and innocent.  They don’t doubt they just act and do.  I know that as we began to show that kind of faith where we don’t question it but we do what the lord has asked no matter how weird or hard or uncomfortable it seems we will be blessed. Sometimes we don’t know why we need to do it but sooner or later we will see the Lords wisdom and that is why we need to trust in him and have faith, hope, and charity.

I love you all so much.  I really do.  Sorry if it takes me longer then it used to respond to letters but I have no time for myself! (Which is wonderful!)  But I will do my best to respond when I can. :)

Love elder mender
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