Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Transfer Down

Hello friends!

How the heck are you?  Well things are great here. I survived transfers and am still in Park City which is amazing my trainer and I are living it up and working hard. 

This week has been wonderful.  Tuesday we had a chance to go to the Jordan River temple which was wonderful it has been way too long since I have been to the temple.  We came out and we had a message from the assistants saying they had news about transfers and we were all worried that one of us might be leaving but when we called them it was just a mix up and we got to stay!!  It was fantastic. 

So one interesting stories this week:  there is this family that has been going to church since October but they haven’t wanted to get baptized and we have been told not to go by because they just need space and time.   Well this Thursday morning during personal study I had this thought that we needed to go by that night.  And I was like no bad idea we will scare them off but I couldn’t forget about it so I said a prayer and it just felt right.  But I was scared to tell my companion because well we were told not to think about it!!  So I finally got the courage and I told him and he said," I think its too soon but ill trust you” so we went and just talked and I invited them to take the lessons and they looked really excited and said ok.  Well the next morning we got a call from the ward mission leader (who had told us not to go by and didn’t know we went) and he said that the family was ready to get the lessons and moves forward with baptism!  It was an amazing experience so we are in the middle of teaching them.  They are really an amazing family and I hope they stay with it.  The whole experience was a hugged testimony builder of how important it is to listen to the Holy Ghost.  I can really see in difference in the kind of missionary I am when I am listening to the promptings and when imp not.

oh I think this was last week and I cant remember if I told you all or not butttt I got a signed book from president Uchtdorf with a little note for me it was really cool and i will cherish it forever!

We have some investigators who are really athletic and one was going to go to the NFL but had too many concussions and the other is a kid who just got back from rehab and has just been working out pretty much his whole life.  He was on some all-star team where the coaches made sure they had all the drugs they needed to "perform well” so that is really lame but he is such an amazing kid. One of the ways we have been fellowshipping them is to play basketball with them. ...  They are in 100x better shape then I am!  Ha-ha my companion and I crawled into bed Friday night sore as can be.   But they are such amazing people and I really hopeful that they will get baptized soon.  My trainer still tells me I have match faith, which I am ok with. Ha-ha

Oh this Sunday we went to the singles ward up here and I think last week I told you missionaries are awkward BUT missionaries AT a singles ward is pretty much the most awkward thing ever.  These people are just so weird.  I was laughing the entire time annnddd it dragged on for an hour and half!  How ridiculous is that a sacrament meeting for 95 minutes and these aren’t normal talks these are singles ward talks!  I was very grateful that I have not spent a ton of time in a singles ward.

Well there isn’t a whole lot else but life is great I cant believe how fast time is flying it seems like you have a p-day and bam the next day you have it again!  But the work is great my testimony is strong of the work.  If you ever want to strengthen your testimony SHARE IT.  It helps a lot.  Well I love you all and I hope things are great.


Elder Mender

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