Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a Missionary!!!!

So like my subject says I feel like I am finally a REAL missionary! 

Why? What made this week so different from my others?  Well brothers and sisters I will tell you. Hold on to your seats as you are in for the most exciting letter of my mission!!

To start off this week we were at an investigators house and he asked me to play pool so me being the competitive person I am agreed. After he kicked my trash he asked if I was willing to make a bet! Now the first thought was I’m a missionary I can’t bet! But then personal revelation came and I said sure!  If I win you read the whole book of Mormon in 60 days.  And he said ok if I win you buy me last samurai. (Some ridiculously expensive Japanese place) so we started.  I completely convinced that the Lord had promised me that I would win. As we play he gets up by three balls.  I’m starting to sweat a little bit but then by some strange series of events I’m up by two balls!  And I sink my last one before the 8 ball I mean I’m on fire just making every shot. But of course the 8 ball is a hard shot so I miss! Then it’s his turn and he sinks all but one of his and gives me another hard shot! I miss again...  I’m thinking come on I was promised a win here!  Well as you can tell this is a very intense pool game all in the room staring very quiet and I felt like I was playing professional billiards.  Well getting back to the game apparently Heavenly Father did not give me revelation because I LOST hard and tonight I am going to pay a ton of money for his food.  Moral of the story: listen to the prophet and don’t bet even when you think they’re going to read the Book of Mormon. 

Reason number two why I am a real missionary! Thursday night at about one in the morning I wake up feeling horrible I then run into the bathroom where I begin throwing up and having other bodily problems due to some flu or food poisoning or something ridiculous and that continued until about 10 in the morning. Needless to say I did not sleep and was not a happy companion as we went out and worked.  But I’m finally starting to feel better and this week should be great!  So don’t worry about me.  Not that I’m thinking many of you where too worried...

Reason number three!  I had my first baptism on Saturday! He asked me to speak at the baptism and to confirm him on Sunday it was a really great experience for both of us I think. It was so amazing to see the excitement in his eyes and face throughout this whole process. What a wonderful week!

Well that was about it... but as I look back on this week I feel like I have passed missionary initiation and I am now one of the real guys in black suits with a name tag.  I also hit 4 months which is ridiculous because time is flying wayyyyy too fast! I feel like we have p-day and then the next day it is p-day!  But in two months I get to burn a tie! How cool is that?!?!  I have realized that as missionary simple things bring me enjoyment... I feel like a 5 year old. For instance a game of tic toe kept me entertained for about 30 minutes.  I also make up random songs about my amazingly amazing life.

Oh I have also realized that missionaries just make everything awkward.  It doesn’t matter what we do every situation we are a part of is just plain awkward but it is fun and I love it!  I am learning so much.  It really is a labor of love.   I feel like love is what I am learning a love for my companion, for my family, my friends, the people I serve but really a love for Christ and his atonement. Preach my gospel says that as you learn more about the atonement your desire to share it will increase.  How true this is! Because as you learn more about WHO Christ is, WHAT he did for us, and WHY he was the kind of man he was your heart changes and it becomes more Christ like.  I remember one of my first weeks as a missionary I had to learn fast what kind of missionary I wanted to be.  I made it a goal to study Christ and the missionary that he was.  One of the missionaries at the match taught me that if I ever had a problem I could turn to the scriptures and find an answer.   That is probably the best advice I have received on my mission.  I want to testify that this is true!  For EVERY problem we have in this life the answer is in the scriptures.  If you don’t know how to act, or what to do, or what to say, TURN TO CHRIST.  He has all the answers.  One of the really cool things about being a missionary is that we can promise blessings.  I can promise that if you make Christ your example a joy and peace that you have never felt will come in to your life.  No matter how perfect  you are you can become better.  That is why we are here on earth to learn how to become like Jesus Christ our perfect example.    As you do this, order will come into your life.  One of my favorite stories from the bible is when Peter walks on water, as he focuses on Christ it isn’t that the seas are calm, but more that he doesn’t notice the wavy seas!  And that is the power of Christ to bring a peace into our lives!  Yes life is hard, and stressful, and boring, and long, but Christ has already won the battle! All we have to do is look to him. Please do!

I hope you all are doing great.  Know that I love you a ton!  I’m so grateful for your support!  Have a great week and remember that even though I’m not there with you right now, I was once, and I will be soon enough!!


Elder Mender

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