Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What a great week this is for everyone a time to remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. How truly blessed we are to have him on our side. I am so grateful that he has one the fight and all we have to do is follow him. I hope everyone takes this week to watch general conference.  I know I am so excited for this weekend. I have been counting down this whole month!  What is even more exciting is that we will have it in English for the Americans down here! Wahoo!

So this past week has been CRAZY.  I could not make up these stories if I tried!  First off all Elders in my apartment were transferred and three more arrived today, they are all Brazilian so I am in for a treat this transfer.   I need to learn Portuguese really fast!!  My companions name is Elder Andrade he is 27 and from Sao Paulo he seems like a really good missionary and I am excited to work with him this transfer!

OK so the crazy part of this week:  on Wednesday my companion and I went to teach a lesson to the Stake President's son who is 8 (they asked us to teach him so we said yes) and when we got there President said he had to leave for a few minutes and we thought that would be ok.  Well he left us with his 4 year old daughter too and as soon as he shut the door she started crying and beating the door trying to escape and she finally figured out how to open it and ran out. My companion went to go see where she was headed when I finally got to the door I see him 40 yards down the road chasing after her at a dead sprint.  When he finally catches her he has to carry the screaming and fighting girl back to the house where we padlock the door so she couldn’t escape again and we started the lesson. During the lesson she would stick her tongue out at us and be a four year old nothing too bad. When we ended with the closing prayer it was as if a demon entered her body and she began throwing shoes at us and sandals and we tried to get her to stop but she just got madder and madder as we would try and hold her she would use her demon powers and break out of our arms then she went into the back room and got tomatoes and started throwing those at us!! It was insane what can a missionary do?! We couldn’t leave because of the padlock and we didn’t want to leave this child alone then she got her bike and started ramming the door thinking she could break it down.  At some point I realized that water was leaking all over the kitchen and at closer examination at some point she had unplugged the hose from the washing machine and that was where the water was flooding from as quick as we could we started to clean it up but the girl realizing she wasn’t going to escape started swinging a broom at us!!!  Finally we got the water cleaned up and the broom out of her hand and as soon as we did that president walked in the door and we ran out screaming... no president showed up and we calmly tried to explain why his house was a mess and that we had done our very best but we were sorry.   We then left and started laughing our heads off wondering if that had really happened!

Well it has been an amazing week and I am excited for this next transfer.  I hope all is well and that you remember that this holiday is not only about the chocolate! :)

Oh have you ever wondered why chicken got robbed of a cool meat name? The pig has pork and bacon and ham, the cow has ribs, hamburger, steak but chicken has just chicken?!  Just a thought...

Another thought~I believe that as we kill flies we are just helping out evolution and making the fly species stronger because of survival of the fittest you know we  are only killing the slow and stupid flies!!!

I love you all.

Elder Mender

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