Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come What May, and Love It

Hello tudo mundo!!!

How are things around the world?  Updates and pictures are always greatly appreciated.  :)

First off, life is amazing down here!!  I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here in Brazil sometimes I feel like I got called to a mission in the desert and not in Brazil. It can get pretty crazy down here and it is wonderful!  Stories of the week are pretty lame because well first transfer you’re still trying to figure out who your companion is, but we did get to watch conference on Sunday!  (Yes only Sunday) in the morning we watched priesthood but it was in Portuguese so i didn’t understand a whole lot.  But the speakers looked good!!  Then for the next two sessions we were able to watch them in a small really really really hot room with all the American missionaries in Petrolia, it was a great experience!  Oh i forgot to mention that the chapel was air conditioned... how lame is that?!  But it is ok because sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven and even though it was hot the spirit was strong and the messages beautiful! I hope you all had a chance to watch a few sessions. 

Sunday night we had an Easter egg hunt which was really me telling my district to close their eyes while i placed a chocolate egg in their hands.  Now this was no ordinary chocolate egg I also had a cute little princess box for it.  So Sunday night we each had a chocolate egg and a princess!! What more do missionaries need? I think nothing.

This week was also really sad because we had a baptism fall the day of when we went to go talk to him he told us that he didn’t want to be baptized and he wouldn’t tell us why so that was very sad day. His name is Tiago and he is really a neat boy, I was so excited to see him get baptized since I have been working with him for four weeks but we are still working with him and hopeful that in the future he will decide to be baptized!

Everyone always says that a mission prepares you for the rest of your life and I cannot figure out how walking in the sun and having cockroaches crawl on me will prepare me for life but last week I figured it out!!  So in order to have 1 baptism you have to make contacts with about 100 people then teach about 50 first lessons then get 25 return appointments and then have about 10 got to church and hopefully by then you will have 2 or 3 golden investigators who are ready for baptism but then do to some unknown cause 2 will always drop out and one will get baptized!  Well how does this apply to life? In order to find a wife, us returned missionaries, need to make about 100 contacts hopefully get 50 first dates then if we are lucky 25 second then have about 10 meet the parents then hopefully you will have 2 or 3 ready for marriage but two will always drop out and you will have you eternal companion left!!  Its brilliant I know.

Well I love you all and am so grateful for your support!  Just remember, "come what may and love It." it really helps when life gets a little difficult.  Have a great week and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do... ok maybe use a little bit more caution then that!


Elder Mender
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