Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No More Mouse Problem

Hello everyone!

What a great week!  We are working hard and... I'm the only one sweating.  I guess it has been cold here this week because everyone keeps saying how cold it is but I don’t get it. IM STILL SWEATING!  Oh well things are amazing and we are very excited with our investigators.

Today for P-day we had a churrasco or BBQ with some of the elders in our city it was really fun and really good although missionaries and fire are a very interesting mix but no one was hurt and we are all very full (80 reais of food was purchased for the event)

Exciting news this week we had zone conference which it is always fun to see your friends on the mission and see how they are doing!  And understood most of it again! So that was exciting. ALSO after I could talk and understand the jokes and stories that were being told!  It is amazing how fast you can learn something when the spirit is helping you!

After zone conference some of the elders who live farther away got to spend the night at our house which is always exciting and we found a very large mouse in our house. I have decided I need to have a Brazilian living with me always because the thing was so cute and staring at me and it didn’t want to die and I couldn’t kill it but elder Arauja had no problem beating it with a broom.  So needless to say we no longer have a mouse problem.

I bought a hammock this week! It is very comfortable and good for a little reading before bed.  It also is good when it rains at and your bed gets soaked you can just go sleep in the hammock! :)

Well sad story of the week we went out contacting one night for three hours and made soooo many good contacts families and men. We had 10 appt for the next day and then we realized we had been so into tracting we had left our area and gone into another area... so we had to give our whole nights work over to other elder!  They were happy but I was pretty sad.  Moral of the story always remember your area ends at rua 18!

This week we had a lot of fun. I have realized that while we missionaries may mature I do not think we will ever grow up one day at lunch a boy brought out his box of hot wheels cars and immediately we four elders started playing and racing with the little cars.  I had to stop and laugh at the scene.

also my parents sent me a little sensor that goes in the toilet seat that when light hits it will scream well I don’t know if I have told you this but our house has the rumor of being a haunted house and missionaries hate spending the night at it so when our zone leader stayed the night he went to go use the bathroom and came out screaming like a little girl it was a very funny sight to see a pretty big Brazilian scared.

Last story of the week I had the most fun convincing people that my brother is Matt Damon the actor from the Bourne movies.  A lot of girls have asked if they could email him... until they found out it was him and a lot of members where really excited to find out that matt Damon was a Mormon! Ha-ha

Well I love you all I hope all is well. I have tried to attach some photos so I hope you get them. And.... tththhthats all folks!


Elder Mender
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