Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Killed my Father, Prepare to Die!

Hello all!

Well we are in the middle of a huge zone churrasco so I don’t have a lot of time but I will share with you some stories and thoughts and I hope it will suffice for one week!  First there is this AMAZING soda that is only local to Petrolina called cajuina or something like that but you should try and order some and drink it because even if it is really expensive it is so worth it! Ha-ha just a thought.
So my socks have a lot of holes in them and this week I pulled out the old thread and needle and I'm not half bad at darning socks! Although I had to safe the black thread for my pants so my socks now have cute colors like blue, red, purple, and pink in the toes! I figured that was ok because I only take my shoes of in our house...

One fun story! Brazilian kids love to shout at you and use their English vocab.. Which sometimes is only swear words. Well one kid was being really obnoxious and yelling a pretty bad one at me so i called him over and asked him if he knew what that word meant and naturally he said no so i informed him because i think all small children need to know that when he says that word he is actually telling the whole world that he is gay.  He then asked if i was serious and i told him he probably shouldn’t tell people that unless he was!  He walked away shocked that he had said that.  As soon as he was out of sight my companion and I busted up laughing that it had actually worked!

This week I taught a lesson to a man with 12 fingers!! No joke the 11th and 12th had nails and everything it was crazy!  Although it wasn’t that good because the whole time I had the urge to say, "you killed my father prepare to die!"  If you don’t get that joke go watch Princess Bride....

I finished Jesus the Christ this week and if you haven’t read that go do it now.  Such an amazing book that really helped strengthen my testimony of Christ. I can’t wait to read it in Portuguese!

Do this week was a hard workweek. It seemed everyone we talked to either had already talked to the missionaries or gave us a false address so our district leader is having us double work his area so we had to learn his area and rebuild or pool of investigators but I'm excited for the next few weeks I have a feeling it will be good!

That’s all for this week, I hope all is well in the northern part of the American continent. Oh I sent out letters today responding to every letter I have received so if you get one good, and if not... sorry the mail service in brazil is pretty sketchy.... I also put stickers on them so I hope those arrive on the letters! Ha-ha they make me smile and I hope they’ll make you smile!   Have a great week.


Elder Mender
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