Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frustrated - Mender Man on a Bad Day

Well.... I'm more frustrated then a mender man on a bad day! Freak sorry everyone i just typed up a huge long email and my computer froze and I lost it....  now I don’t have a lot of time so this letter wont be funny or have good stories like the other one but maybe if you imagine really hard you can imagine what it said! Good luck.
Well this week was amazing we worked so hard and the Lord has blessed us with some amazing investigators! I have never been so tired in my life as I was this week and it was such a good feeling.  When you can pray and tell Heavenly Father that you gave it your all and you tried your best and you can say it with an honest heart there is no better feeling. 

One night on the way home a girl stopped us and asked us if we were Mormons as we got to talking she had amazing questions and was just a golden contact.  At the end I felt like I should give her my first lesson pamphlet and ask to read it and bring it on Sunday to church.  She said she would and as we walked away my comp asked why I did that and told me I would never get it back.  (Our mission doesn’t have first lesson pamphlets so this is one I brought from the MTC) well he was right... NO I'm kidding.  That would be a crappy story. Well this Sunday I got called out of class and who was standing there? Her with my pamphlet! It was a miracle! She then stayed for sacrament meeting and after we got to give her the first lesson and now she is a golden investigator! She is wayyyy smart and speaks a little English so that is always fun.

Well we have another investigator named Sharles who is so humble and just an amazing guy. He lives with his parents because they need help around the house and he keeps every commitment we give him.  This Sunday he was ready and waiting for us to go to church. I love teaching him!  

I also went on divisions this week with the zone leaders and learned a ton I love learning new ideas about how to do the work!  But on my way home I lost my bag that had my shoes, BYU shorts and other clothes in it.  That night I had nightmares of some man walking down the street wearing my clothes or another guy trying to sell them or something well a miracle happened and that Monday after church when I finally had a chance to go look for them I found them in a store and a lady had kept them hoping I would return! How cool is that? I was so grateful the Lord was looking out for me in my moment of stupidness.  Well time is just about out but I love you all and hope you have a great week! Ate mais

Elder Mender
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