Tuesday, March 2, 2010

His Name is Jeff

What an amazing week this was!!!   My life is just one huge adventure down here!  Some fun stories:

We ran out of water soooo we got to take shower-in-a-bucket!  Well you stand outside and pour waters from a bucket one cup of a time on your body with soap and shampoo and then when you are done you pour the bucket over you! Way fun I felt like I was a kid in the bathtub again! kinda...

Well missionaries carry around pictures because I guess Brazilians love pictures and it is so funny every time I show them pictures without fail three people are commented one.  First Adi and how cute she is.  Then Owen how cute he is. The girls always giggle and point at his picture and then Lauren and how beautiful she is.. it makes me laugh so hard every time.

Oh we did service this week and we helped the bishop prune his fruit trees I wish I had my camera it would have been an epic picture! And then we spread gravel in his yard... yes in his yard but it wasn’t gravel it was crushed up bricks and cement it was way weird!  But he was grateful so that is good.

I have so much time on my hands since I have no idea what’s going on... well I kinda do but it is so easy to daydream.  I always do theses countdowns it’s so bad! And one night I was talking to my district leader and I’m like elder I’m so trunky! I keep counting down till I go home but I’m trunky I love it here! And he just laughs and says I know exactly what you mean it’s just because you don’t know what people are saying so all you can do is think about home.  It was interesting and comforting to know that it isn’t just me!

Oh we also have a family of lizards living with us!  I see the dad a lot I have named him Jeff; well I assume he is the dad he is the biggest.  He is really nice and we like to talk about the weather and sports. It is really nice because he speaks English which is really hard to find here!!

Well this week has been a lot of fun.  We were sitting on the sidewalk and this donkey came running around the corner and it sprinted past us it was so random but soooo funny.  Just the sights you see here are amazing!   I love walking home at night past people on the sidewalk listening to music and playing with their families with smells of cooked meats or fresh fruit it is just one of the most beautiful things I can think of I really do love it here and the culture is amazing.

I love being the white guy here.  Kids will always come up and say "fala ingles" and I’ll just say "ingles" and then they laugh and run away or they’ll ask how tall I am and ill say three meters it is so much fun to just be able to laugh and talk and play with these amazing people here in Brazil!

Well I hope all is well in the states and that you are enjoying your carpet!
Remember if you have a problem turn to the Lord he can solve it better then we can!

Elder Mender
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