Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Saw a Monkey!

Hello tudo mundo!

How are things going up there?!  Down here in Brasil they are amazing. We had a great Mother’s Day and I got to talk to my family! How cool is that?  I hope everyone is helping my mom while I’m gone because it sounds like she is having a very hard time with me not at home... OK, maybe that was a joke. My family sounds great! It is always cool to see the blessings that come from serving a mission. 

Some fun stories from this past week. I SAW A MONKEY!!! Pretty much my lifelong dream accomplished this week! I got to hold it and it was the craziest experience of my life.  It’s the bishop’s pet how insane is that?! It likes to try and crawl up your arm and sit on your head and they have this little leash for it.  It was amazing.

I have realized that I am really getting used to being down here.... I was sitting at my desk one night eating crackers with this jelly like substance they have down here then when I went to put the lid on the jar I saw an ant on the inside of the lid! So I killed it. then when I looked at my finger I saw jam so naturally I licked it clean... about two seconds later I realized I just ate an ant and it didn’t even bother me that much.  Another morning as I went to get into the shower there was a lizard chilling there so I took the broom and pushed him into the hallway and took a shower.  I didn’t even worry about getting him out of the house. I mean he would just crawl back in right? 

I don’t know how many of you knew this, but I am a magician.  I had the most fun this week making coins disappear and reappear behind kids ears. They think it is just the coolest thing ever... if only they knew the truth. Hahaha

Well we have some of the coolest families ever in this ward. I absolutely love this ward! I mean they have pet monkeys!  One member is named Robson but its pronounced Hobson with a Brazilian accent, probably one of the coolest names ever. I want to name my kid that but I’m not sure my wife will go for that.  I mean think about when he is trying to learn to spell his name and he spells it with an R and all the kids think has stupid or the first day of school when the teachers call his name they say Robson and he will have to explain that is Hobson and that he has a Brazilian name... but has American! 

 This week we taught some amazing lessons! I love teaching even if people don’t understand what I’m saying and my companion has to translate it is very cool experience to just have thoughts and ideas come to your mind as you are teaching by the spirit! This week we were working with this new member family that got offended by a member and didn’t want to go back to church... I would like to explain to everyone that 1) the church is perfect, but the members are far from it.  2) If you are offended by someone... Great! Think about the group you are with. Think of all the people that offended Christ! The trick of life is to learn how to forgive and move on to what’s important. 
We have these three siblings that are preparing for baptism it is so much fun to watch them get so excited and to see the change in their parents life too! Last night the parents told us they like our church because it is different and feels good.  I’m hoping they will chose to get baptized too but first they have to get married! Ugh that is one hard thing down here. No one is married and it takes a good month and a half to get the papers processed for a marriage. So please do the missionaries a favor and just get married when you find the one you want to live with. Okay, thanks. :) We have another less active family who we challenged to prepare to go to the temple and they accepted and they are progressing so fast! It is amazing how when you have a goal, something to focus on, you can and will improve at a faster rate.

My companion is a ton of fun which makes life and the work a lot better.  This work is amazing.  I have a testimony of this gospel and this work. If you want real lasting happiness in your life live the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I promise this is the only true way to eternal happiness.

I love you all and am so grateful for your support.  Until next week! Have a great one.

Elder Mender
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