Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Shooting Star

Hello all,

Well,  guess what?! I’m 20!!!!!  That’s weird... I feel like I have to be serious and not funny like my parents or something. No, I’m just kidding!  My parents are amazing!  I need to stop picking on them. I love them to death.  Well this week was a wonderful week! We started of the week with interviews with president I’m getting less and less scared of him so that is good right?! Ha-ha! No, I love my President he is an amazing guy but I think all mission presidents are. They just seem to know your problems before you say anything and they always have the perfect words and the perfect scriptures to help you out.  It’s a pretty cool thing!  After interviews our zone went out to lunch together at an all you can eat macaroni place!  That is pretty cool huh? I didn’t know they did all you can eat in Brasil... and it was only five reis! That’s about 2.50 in dollars think about that!  
This week I saw my first shooting star in Brasil!  The nights are so clear and beautiful I miss sleeping under the stars like we did in Petrolia. I love staring at them and thinking about whatever.  That is one thing that testifies of God I mean look up there! It didn’t happen by chance!  Look at Orian's belt that was done by a perfect artist, our heavenly father.

Well this week we did a ward activity to help get the ward excited for missionary work and we had been planning it out and getting everything ready for weeks and then last Saturday the bishop showed up and another RM and that was it. So we just went and did divisions. I’m starting to understand a little bit more about the joys and pains of organizing church functions.

Then yesterday was my birthday!  And I was sick! It was so lame who gets sick on their birthday?!  in high school you are all excited to be sick because you get to stay home and watch TV but on a mission being sick is the worst thing ever because you teach a lesson and sprint home, teach a lesson and sprint home. I’m pretty sure I did about three of coach gambles hard workouts in one day.  But it wasn’t all bad!  One sister made me a cake another bought me a box of chocolates and I had a lot of people sing happy birthday to me!  It was a fun day then at night the Zone leaders came over and we made pizza and did what all missionaries do on P-night played games.  Dominos, Uno you know the usual. 

That’s about it for this week!  The good news is the church is true and we don’t ever need to worry about that!  I hope all is well and that you have another great week! I love you all.

Elder Mender
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