Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup Frenzy

Hello everyone,

Sorry this week wasn’t very exciting so I don’t have alot to write about.   But i hope you all know I love you and I’ll write more when I have more time and stories. I guess what I do have is this week we had a few funny things happen...

One the world cup has been insane people have huge banners and streamers that go over the street from house to house and Brazil colors are all over the place. You have no doubt what country you are in as you walk down the road.   Every time Brasil scores it  doesn’t matter where you are you can hear it as people scream and fireworks go off it is pretty exciting to be here during the world cup!

Second we went to an investigators house and I saw her walking down the hall so I waved to her and when her grandpa came to the door he told us she wasn’t home.... think about that one! 

And last, but not least my companion and I have been having a lot of fun as we work, it is amazing what a funny companion can do for the work!  This week has flown by and I’m not excited for it to end which means he goes home... it seems like all the Elders I become friends with go home! Why does everyone leave me? Story of my life tear, tear!! No, I’m just kidding! 

Oh one more thing!  So the next few weeks are a holiday called Saint John, I guess he is the Saint of the fireworks because the sale of fireworks and small bombs has increased and they seem to go off every few minutes.  It’s really annoying because kids find it funny to throw it at us.   Well more at me because I don’t pay attention when I walk and when it lands 5 feet from me and blows up really loud I jump pretty high!   A couple times I almost dived on the ground but I stopped myself. It really is a scary thing! haha  well that’s about it for this week.  I hope all is well.


Elder Mender
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