Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Greetings from Coite Brasil!


Bom dia,
Greetings from Coite Brasil!  It has been a wet week and for some people a cold one (i think they’re crazy) it is weird because here it doesn’t just rain it either pours buckets and gets you completely soaked in 3 seconds or mists and just makes it uncomfortable to work.  Despite the weather being against us we have kept our spirits high and the work moving forward. We have taught a lot of amazing lessons and seen the power if this gospel as we talk with these amazing people.  We have some amazing investigators who i am so happy to be working with. One named Marcia, i don’t remember if I've talked about her, but she is so closed to being baptized she knows everything she just doesn’t have the "desire" to be baptized yet which means something is up. So we will continue trying to help her she has been so much fun because in the middle of us teaching her she will turn and start teaching her children these important truths it really is neat thing to watch.  Another investigator is named Jesse he is a really humble man who wants to believe everything but hasn’t gotten his answer yet i feel that once he goes to church his doubts will be solved.  It has been a hard month to get people to church because of the world cup and the million holidays they have here. Either people aren’t home or if they are they don’t want to leave their home!  It’s been crazy.  Speaking of the world cup Brasil one their last game and we were trying to get some work done but as soon as they won every member of Coite ran out of their houses screaming and yelling with horns and drums and the streets were crowded i was scared for about the first 15 minutes thinking i was going to die.  I cannot imagine what it will be like if they win the world cup... i hope president makes us stay inside. I'm not a fan of working during the cup games you get yelled at a lot. Ha-ha but i guess that’s what i signed up for right!?  This week has been an interesting week and a fun one im so glad i have had the chance to serve here it really is amazing!
Yesterday was Zone conference, which was a really good zone conference.  We talked a lot about faith.  Faith is a very interesting principle of the gospel i feel it is so simple and yet so complicated.  Often times we think of faith as believing but it is that and more when you believe you will get up off the couch and go do something about your faith.  If we as missionaries have faith that we can baptize but then we sit at home all day it does nothing for us and our faith cant grow but when we get up and work, talking to everyone, teaching, and sweating every minute we see the fruits of our labors and our faith will turn into a perfect knowledge which is everyone’s goal is it not?
I know that God would not send us to earth without a way to return and live with him again. That way is the gospel, as we live the gospel as taught by Jesus Christ and his prophets and apostles our faith will grow and become a perfect knowledge of Christ.   I know that this Gospel is true i do not have a doubt of that.  I have started a fun little experiment, which i have learned a lot from.  As i have been reading the Book of Mormon and i see a promise from the Lord (or a prophet which means its from the lord) i have put it on a card and made it a goal to test that promise.  And as i do my part i really can see the blessings pouring down from heaven, more than the rain we have been getting. :)  I know that God wants to bless us he is just waiting for us to be obedient, to do our part, and then to ask.  So much is dependent on if we will ask. Prayer is such a sacred tool that we have to communicate with our Father in Heaven, i hope you all are daily praying and asking for whatever thing you need and then thanking for the thousands of blessings you have been given.  I know that gratitude will help strengthen your faith and is an important part of this beautiful Gospel.  I am grateful for all of you and your support i am so lucky to have you as friends and family.  I am grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without whom i could not return to live with my Father in Heaven, my God, whom i love, serve, and worship with all my heart.
I hope you all are well and as happy as i am.  I love you all.


Elder Mender
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