Wednesday, July 28, 2010


How is everyone?!  (You can send me a letter to respond to that question :)!! )  I can tell you I am amazing here in Coite Brasil!  Things have just been going perfect!  Don’t get me wrong the work is hard but when you hit the most problems that’s when you know you must be doing something right! This transfer has just been a lot of fun its crazy to think another transfer starts today!  Speaking of transfers I have a new companion Elder Vieira, I have been living with him for three months so he just switched wards into my ward.  We are excited for this next transfer it should be a good one.  Well it happened this week! My trainer went home.  It makes you feel like your growing up in the mission when the Elder who trained you finally hits the end of two years! Best of luck to Elder Mierjewski. Thanks for being such an amazing missionary and teaching me what it’s all about! 

Well I guess I should apologize for not writing a letter last week. So I’m sorry and ill try and tell you what you missed now.  Lets start off with some of the fun stories. So it all started on a normal day just like another.  My companion and I were at a members’ house for lunch and after we had eaten we were sitting down about ready to share our message when the sister noticed I was sweating and she asked if I was hot?  I said “yes, I always am here in Brasil”.   She said I was crazy, and that it was freezing that day.  She then asked if she should open the door to let some air in.  I said it wouldn’t help I would still be hot and she just looked and me and said, "have you hit menopause?"  Story of my life right there...  What can you do but laugh when a grown woman asks you that question?  Then another day our district was walking home and a car pulls up in front of us and tells us to get in.   Of course we didn’t want to, but our District leader tells us to get in so my companion and I who don’t know this man.  We think he is a member so Elder Conrad starts to get in then our district leaders companion walks away so he has to leave and he says, "its ok just get in".  Well I’m not feeling very good about this, but what can I do, so we get in and he starts to drive. As he is talking I realized I can’t understand a word this man is saying, I mean I know my Portuguese is bad, but it isn’t that bad. And then I see that Elder Conrad has his door open a little bit as we were driving and I think to myself “huh that’s odd.” Well to say the least I am not loving this car ride -- I’m crammed in the back of this little two door car and every time we go over a bump the man throws his hand in the air and screams.  We almost hit a tree about three different times and somehow made it to our corner safely.  When we got out I asked my companion “why did you have your door open the whole time?”  He just responds, "the man was drunk so if I had to bail I could."  I’m thinking  “wait.... I WAS STUCK IN THE BACK!   I had no way of bailing out” ---thank you Elder. 

This week we played some more soccer and I’m getting pretty good at this little game! I made another goal this week with my HEAD. Yeah the Brazilians were pretty impressed. ha-ha (it was all luck but don’t tell them that) Oh yeah, the fun part of that story the field we played in had cows, dogs, ducks and geese running around the field so we were playing soccer in between all these animals and trying to not step in animal poop. It was an interesting time.

I trust all is well!  I love you all and am so grateful for your support! Remember to read the scriptures and pray daily, its better than an apple a day, it keeps Satan away!   Have a great week!

Elder Mender
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