Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey

October 27, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey!

So I have a ton to tell today so lets just jump right into it!  What an amazing week we had! It was super busy, super happy, and super sad! All at the same time!  Já pensou?!   So lets start off with last P-day. So that night we went to teach the family we encountered who had the doubts with coffee and marriage.  When we started the lesson he told us he quit coffee and was going to get his marriage papers the next day!!!  This family is so elect.  I absolutely love them!  Whenever they learn a commandment from God they just do it.  As I was thinking about the differences between this family and others families I’ve taught the only thing that stuck out is they kept their commitments!  They read every night as a family they prayed together as a family and when they had doubts they didn’t ask us to explain more. They just prayed and asked God they are the most amazing family.  This Friday Elder Merrell and I went to Pilar to help our investigators prepare for baptism.  This is when it gets sad.... well Daisy, one of the women we have been teaching, who was marked for this Sunday got told a bunch of lies by her "friend" so she decided not to be baptized this week. I get so sad when I hear people who are scared to be baptized because of what their friends say.

Have a great week.

Love,  Elder Mender

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