Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Do It

October 19,2010

Hello hello,

So how is everyone?  I’m doing great, thanks for asking!  This week was an amazing week. Elder Sato and I had some great great greeaaaat experiences.  We tracked into an ELECT family.  Cool story about how we found them we were walking down the street and Elder Sato heard Japanese anime and got all excited saying it was a sign that we had to knock on the door. So we did and bam we found them.  They went to church and we are helping them prepare for baptism they love the church but aren’t sure about marriage and coffee.  But we will get that sorted out in no time.   We also have another young man who we are working with who just accepts everything and is excited for his baptism this Sunday.  Also, in exciting news--the group of members out in Pilar, Elder Merrill and I had a chance to go out and visit them Saturday and we got stopped by another woman who is a member but didn’t know the church was there in Pilar, well she brought her husband, who isn’t a member to church, and we have three possibilities for baptism this week there. Elder Merrill and I will go there Friday and work until Sunday.  This week was just amazing and this next week is going to be even more amazing.  I’m sad that it is the end of the transfer but im so glad I got to be here for this transfer. I have learned so much and grown a ton.  One of things that we have been focusing this week is helping our investigators understand that they can receive answers to prayers. This is such an important part of the gospel. I hope everyone is praying. I know that God loves hearing our prayers and that he is ready to answer and will answer.  I have received so many answers in my life and especially here on the mission.  Prayer is real; prayer is powerful and prayer works. In the words of an important man "just do it"

Love, Elder Mender
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