Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tomato Hornworm Attack

One day we have dozens of tomatoes ripening on the vine and the next day it looks like someone or something is feasting upon the labors of our summer gardening efforts.  Owen and I have labored most of the summer nurturing our small crop of tomatoes.  We have looked forward to our first BLT sandwiches with great anticipation!  Fortunately we were able to celebrate that milestone before we realized we were under attack!

First BLT's with our own fresh tomatoes!  So very yummy!
And then we discovered the dreaded TOMATO HORNWORM in our midst!  Note how he is loving my can see how much he has already eaten.
Owen looking on in dismay... He had to "take care" of this guy.
Just some perspective on how very large he was..... Notice the tense?  Was!
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