Monday, August 26, 2013

Maine Motorcycle Adventure Day 4

On the fourth day of our adventure we planned to go on a Whale Watch.    The boat left the port around 8:30 so Owen and I got up and ran out in to Bar Harbor and got muffins and juice before we walked to the boat....from our hotel!   Mitch kept telling me how no one ever actually sees whales on these prepare myself to be disappointed.

But the best thing and so stereotypical Maine was this photo shot!   A blueberry pie and muffins on a window sill!

We got on the boat to head out to see the whales and the boys just fell asleep!  We sat next to a family with young kids and the 8 year oldish daughter finally had to tell Owen when he woke up "you missed ALOT of whales"!    This made us laugh all day! 

So since we would not see any whales according to Mitch all I can do is share some of the photos.  

Mother and baby whale.

After the whale watch Owen was in the mood for some traditional Maine Mexican food.  He found a place on the map that he wanted to go to so we took off on our bikes and ended up on the other side of the island.   We looked, and looked but did not find it......we found a fabulous lobster pound....but pressed on to find the Mexican place.     We drove past road side lobster stands and pressed on to find the Mexican place.   After about two hours we found it!    And it was closed AND required reservations.    So we drove to the next little town and settled for a quick sandwich......except that the waitress was not quick.   It was a lovely day and not so bad to sit in the sidewalk cafe and have lunch.

We ended our day by heading to Echo lake and taking a quick swim.....after drying off in the sun since we did not have any towels we headed off to find a hotel for the night and since it was our last night in town we enjoyed some more lobster.....Oh that was just me!
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