Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maine Motorcycle Adventure Day 3

On the third day we arrived at our ultimate destination of Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor,Maine.  Joe and I were up early and waiting on the boys....Owen was up first and then we work Mitch up since we were anxious to get on the road (well I was).  Before we left Joe and I walked around downtown and found this guy!  Paul Bunyan, larger than life.....

We only had about an hour drive to get to the park so not a long day of riding at all, which was nice after the day before when we drove close to five hours.  And the drive was through beautiful Maine so there was nothing to complain about especially since the weather was gorgeous!  We got to Acadia by 11 am and went to the visitor center and paid our park admission.  Then we headed straight up Cadillac Mountain.  I've been up here 4 or 5 times before but you absolutely see things differently from a bike than a car.  And that perspective makes it a new experience!

 Before we could go anywhere Joe, Mitch and Owen.....checking out the map.   
Constant Theme of the trip!
 Our one of our many stops.
 View from the top of Cadillac Mountain

After playing around at the top of Cadillac Mountain we went to check in at our hotel.   As we checked in the main at the counter asked if we would like to be upgraded to their hotel in the middle of Bar Harbor on the water - At no extra cost.   ABSOLUTELY.    So we were moved downtown strategically placed between two of the activities that I had planned for this trip.    And can I say the room was absolutely lovely and the view was amazing!

More Maps....
More beautiful views!

The next activity that I had planned was a hike across the land bridge to Bar Island.   When the tide goes out you can hike across the bay to Bar Island and walk to the top of the island which gives you view of Bar Harbor --- and our hotel!    So Mitch, Owen, and myself took off for a little hike as the tide went out.

 Joe and Mitch in the parking lot of the hotel.
This is the BAR and you can see folks walking to the island.

We tried our hand and building some cairns
 For those that follow us!

The last and best part of the day was dinner on the harbor.   We went for a New England lobster bake at the lobster pound right next to the hotel.

And that is the end of Day Three!

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