Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maine Motorcycle Adventure Day 2

Our plan for day two was to drive through the White Mountains and spend the night in Bangor, Maine.   Since we had already experienced the fun of driving in the rain we stopped and got a rain suit for Owen and also rain pants for Mitch.   Not part of our original plan -- but hey -- you have to be flexable!  So then everyone was outfitted with rain gear...which unfortunately, we would need again before the end of our trip.

We started out the day with a breakfast in North Conway.   The morning was amazingly beautiful and we had a wonderful pancakes at a sidewalk cafe in the sunshine of the day.    After breakfast we headed out on our journey into Northern Maine.  

We were on the road most of the day....and it got pretty cold going through the mountains......Mitch looked like he just might stop and rob a bank with his handkerchief tied around his face.   Here is a photo of when we got to the Maine border.  (notice Mitch)

We drove through small towns and stopped periodically along the way to determine directions.  It was always it or miss if our phones could pick up a data signal to determine where we actually were!   I must have 100 shots of the "guys" gathered around a map trying to determine where to go next!

I felt fine knowing that if cellular service did not work we could just use a pay phone.....I think this might be the last payphone in Maine.....but just for the record IT DID NOT WORK.   So between bad cellular service and out of order pay phones....(and does that look like the Bates Motel in the background).   Well -- just pray you don't break down.

We got to our hotel in Bangor by about 5pm and found out we were right next to a casino.   So how is that for planning.   We were there on a Monday night so there really was no one there but we did take advantage of the buffet and enjoyed dinner there.    Owen won about $100 and Mitch his money....we could have probably short cut the process but what is the fun in that!

And this is the end of Day two!
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