Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maine Motorcycle Adventure Day 1

Several years ago Joe and I started riding motorcycles....then our boys started riding and now we have more motorcycles in our garage than most motorcycle gangs.   Well our boys suggested that we do a "real bike trip" this summer for vacation.    So we started planning an adventure.    I started looking at routes that would be full of scenery and not alot of highway driving....and ended up with a trip with a destination of Acadia National of the most beautiful parks.   So in order to make the adventure fun I started looking for things that we could do along the way and planned out a pretty fun trip for the four of us that went.   Nephi and Anne Marie just bought a house and with a five year old we excused them from the adventure!

So our itinerary was as follows....

1.   Breakfast at Pollys Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, NH  - We had fabulous Corn and coconut pancakes....delicious.   I would like friends to visit so we have an excuse to go up there again!  While we were there a crazy hail storm hit!   We were extremely grateful to be inside since the between the rain and the hail we would have been totally soaked (we got soaked later.....but I'll fill you in on that in a minute)

The building which houses "Polly's Pancake Parlor" was built about 1830. It was originally used as a carriage shed and was later used for storage of firewood. During the depression of the thirties Polly and Wilfred (Sugar Bill) Dexter converted the building to a small, quaint tea room (capacity - 24 people). When they started serving in 1938 they offered pancakes, waffles and French toast - "All you can eat for 50¢." The idea was to stimulate sales of their maple products.   

 View of the White Mountains from the driveway of Pollys.....

 View looking tword Polly's....such a cute place.

Owen, Mitch and Joe......look at that storm in the was crazy!

2.   After brunch we headed to Lincoln, NH with a goal of heading to Clarks Trading Post to see a bear show.    Unfortunately, we caught up with the dark clouds in the back ground above and ended up pulling off into the woods to try to avoid some of the rain and hail and thunder and lightning.  AFTER getting totally soaked we dug out dry clothes and a couple of us stripped down at the side of the road and changed.   The more modest of our group drove on with wet pants......but at least Owen and I were dry!
 Owen borrowed Joe's pants.....which were more than big enough....and my jacket.
 Mitch had a dry rain jacket and very wet jeans......but his new Polly's Pancake hoodie made him warm!
 All of us at Clarks Trading post where we found we missed the last bear show by about 30 sad.    But LOOK ---- Mitch is almost dry!
At least we got to see a bear at Clarks trading post!
3.   From Clarks we drove on to our motel in North Conway.    Because we were wet we drove straight through but thankfully the rain broke and we drove on in the sunshine.   Our motel was fairly close to a laundry mat so Owen and I went out an washed and dried all our gear so we were ready to hit the road in the morning.   The motel we stayed at was a small family run place that was pretty fun.   Nothing fancy but the place was clean - not modern, but clean.    We ordered pizza which was delivered and relaxed in 1950's comfort!    In the morning the boys made up for the missed bear show by finding a live bear wandering past our room and about 50 feet to look around at a nearby picnic table.    

This is the end of the adventures of Day 1
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