Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Photos 2013

Someday my kids will thank me for torturing them and making them sit through family photos each year.   They are so glad that we are not on an every other year schedule so the torture is at least limited. Seriously it seems every time we schedule a family photo shoot someone has a crisis of some sort....we can't find the scout uniform, someone is running late at work and didn't have time to shower or put on clean clothes, or it is raining (not just a little but a downpour like hurricane Irene).

I am grateful that my kids and their spouses still try to make it to these events.   This is an event that I know is ONLY for their mother!    It makes you feel good that they are willing to do come and put on a happy face that we come to appreciate in our family photos!    I am happy that we have a chronicle of our growth as a family through these annual photos.   It makes me smile both inside and out every time I look at these photos because it represents the growth of our family.

Thanks Britta for the great shots!

The Mender Family 2013
Owen, Mitch, Kim, Joe, Adelynne, Anne Marie, and Nephi

Nephi, Mitch, Joe, and Owen

Nephi, Anne Marie, and Adelynne

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