Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birthday's and Memories

Today is my brother's 45th birthday.....a birthday we cannot celebrate with him.    Over 25 years ago my brother took his life at the age of 19.     In the past 25 years I had never been to the my head I had always assumed that going to that place would not impact me.   Well today when I went with my Dad and sister, and then later with my Mom I was amazed at how it felt to be there.   To clear away the grass that had grown over the headstone and to touch the headstone really had a profound impact.   The tears came quickly as I thought about my brother.  

I think about what a shame it is that the despair of temporary problems one feels the only option is to take their own life.    I think we will always feel guilty that we should have known more, been more aware, and been able to help him more.

Our son is named after my brother and I love to think that Mitch will have opportunities that my brother never had.

Happy Birthday Mitch - we really do miss you....even after all these years!

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