Monday, August 12, 2013


When coming to Ohio there is one activity that we do without fail....Bowling.   We probably ONLY bowl when we come to Ohio.....and Akron where there are more bowling allies per capita than anywhere else on the planet (well that may not be true but it seems that way).  

My Dad is a good bowler.....with a high game of 298.   As he will tell you "I choked".   Oh well we can't all be perfect.   He used to bowl in a league when I was younger and we spent lots of time in smoke filled bowling allies as kids running around and playing while he bowled.    Today bowling allies are not filled with smoke and a much nicer place to hang out.

We usually go bowling with the whole family but this trip it ended up being just Dad, Mitch and I.   And if I said we were all a bit RUSTY it would be an understatement.   Our first game we barely broke 100.   And in an amazing feat I actually beat my dad in a come from behind 10th frame win by one pin.   So you have to celebrate that little victory!
Mitch - look at that form.   He gets those pins down through brut force!

Dad getting ready for the challenge.

Mitch - well not really sure what this look is about.
Disregard the sunspot....just notice the 10th frame scores.
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