Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whale Watch in Maine

So when you tell people that you are going on Whale Watch everyone warns you that you might not see any whales and then tells you all the stories of when they went and didn't see any whales and it was cold and wet and miserable.    Well that seems to be what we heard anyways.   It started with Mitch who prepped us by making sure we were prepared to not see any whales....

The morning dawned about as glorious a day as anyone could hope for.   The sun was up and the temperatures were moderate even at 7 in the morning when Owen and I ventured out to get muffins and juice for a quick bite before heading out for the morning.   I love having one kid who likes to get up early!  By the time we got back everyone was up and ready to start the day.

This whale watch was the most amazing day.   We saw at least six fin whales, about 4 humpback whales, a blue shark, several seals, and lots of puffins.  The woman narrating the trip was so excited by all the wildlife that we were seeing.   It was a very successful trip!   And one I would love to do again.

Sunrise from the hotel balcony.   

Past an Island lighthouse where we saw puffins

Owen - sleeping on the boat.....a little girl informed him...."you missed SOO MANY Whales"

Mitch asleep.....

And look at those whales....

Here is another whale

And finally a mother and baby calf.   The tail is of the baby.
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