Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Home

Today our oldest son officially moves into his new home.   They closed on the house Tuesday but have been working like crazy over the last week to paint and put new flooring in the house and get it ready for the "official" move.   Our REAL housewarming gift to them was supplies for home improvement -  flooring and paint and a little of our help to get things spiffed up in the new house.   It is a lovely little home in a very nice area but it will take a lot of effort over the coming years to get the yard in order, but HEY, they are young and that is what life is all about right?   It is nice that they can finally begin life in a NON apartment since Adelynne starts school this year and the stability of a home of your own is a part of our dreams.

So as I was thinking about what we could give them as a house warming present I found the following Irish Proverb....."May your Home always be too small to hold all of your friends".    I thought how absolutely perfect!    It made me reflect back on our life and our home realize we have enjoyed this blessing!   We love to have friends - both new and old - over to our home and entertain.  We love to celebrate the little things in life - like a Sunday afternoon dinner with family or the bigger celebrations that we gather together for like baptisms, graduations, and mission farewells.   But whatever the occasion I am grateful for our "little home" and the friends who make it too small!  

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