Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day

Hello everyone,
Happy Fourth of July!!  One funny story we walked out of our house yesterday morning and a little girl, no older than 7, said today is your Independence day! It made me laugh that she would know that.  It just kind of made our day.  We have had a great week.  I feel like Elder Jones and I have a great companionship we teach with a flow and a spirit that is incredible.  I'm so grateful to be here in Petrolina. This is one of the best wards in the mission. Everyone is so willing to help us. It really is amazing how a member with a smile on his face can make your day ten times better.  This week we have been teaching a 16 year old named Victor he is just amazing.   In testimony meeting on Sunday, he sat there with tears rolling down his face.  After church he told the members that talked to him that he would be baptised next Sunday. I’m so excited for him and to see his progress. 
One story that touched me this week was that on Monday night the other missionaries asked us to go pick up a cake at a members house.   When we passed by the cake wasn’t done.  The family invited us in, to wait and participate in family night, with them.  As I sat there listening to this family, one by one share testimony and say what they had done in the past week I almost teared up.  Sometimes as missionaries you stay so much in the world, teaching people who don’t care about the gospel, who don’t have the desire to follow Christ and when I saw this family together, following the counsel of the prophet, it was just a beautiful thing it helped me remember my purpose here.  I know that I have to go out and use every possible second to help bring families to a knowledge of the truth.  How I love this gospel.  I hope that we are doing the small and simple things to bring about great things.   Small things like family night, reading the Book of Mormon, prayer, and going to church.  I know that these little things bring about great things.  It’s these simple things that got me on a mission.   How I am grateful for my parents and their diligence in doing these things as I was growing up.  I know that my investigators are also grateful for their diligence.

Last night for our Forth of July party we had a churrasco and made chocolate chip cookies.  We had four American Elders and two Brasilian Elders it was a lot of fun to come together and celebrate a wonderful day.  We also decided to have a wrestling competition after we got done eating and don’t worry Dad, I didn’t let you down. I didn’t lose one match. haha it was a ton of fun. 

I sure love you guys,  I hope you all are doing great! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Mender 
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